Composer, producer & musician


I have been working in music and sound since I graduated as a Tonmeister in the early 1990’s. Over the course of my career I have written & produced music for TV, Radio and new media. My music has been performed live at venues including the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and BKZ in St Petersburg.

My recent composing projects include a TV comedy drama, an iPhone app, and a ballet - for clients including Sky TV (Baby Cow), The City of London and Basingstoke Academy of Dancing.

I play keyboards, guitar and other fretted instruments. I have a growing collection - lots of acoustic and electric guitars, but also quite a few string instruments from around the world - Russian balalaikas & domras, Ukrainian bandura, Turkish saz, Kazakh dombra. As a session musician I have performed on various albums, TV programmes & Films.

Recently I have been working on designing sounds using u-he Bazille and other virtual instruments for a collaborative electronic music project. Please check the Audio page to listen to some of my work.